Is this an antiperspirant?

No. Stopping the body’s ability to sweat is neither natural nor healthy. The good news is that arrowroot powder helps absorb moisture so the sweating might not be as bad as you think. Even better, you won’t stink!

It seems to be leaving stains on my shirt — what do I do?

This is possibly due to the oil, which just needs a minute to dry or soak in. If you’re experiencing this, wait a few minutes before putting on your shirt. You could also be using too much product. Experiment applying a lower amount (how low can you go?!). Also try keeping it in a cool place, even the fridge, so that when used a smaller amount transfers to the skin.

Does this deodorant work on me?

Coming off chemical deodorants you might find natural deodorant doesn’t work for you right away. Give your body time to adjust, at least a few weeks. Some people even do armpit detoxes to rid the body of toxic buildup in and around their pits.

Help! I have an irritating rash after using this. What do I do?

Some skin types experience this. If you have used conventional deodorant for a long time you may have a toxic buildup of the chemicals from that deodorant in your body. Take a break and after a few days try using less. Another alternative is using our unscented deodorant or trying a different scent altogether. This resolves the issue for most people. We are also in the process of creating a special sensitive formula.

Why is mine a bit mushy?

Being all natural it needs a little TLC. Sometimes it can get a little softer in warmer weather. Just store it in the fridge and it’ll stay nice and fresh.

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