Twist open, hold under armpit for a few seconds to warm it up, then lightly swipe and/or dab it. Remember, you don’t need as much deodorant as you may be used to applying, because a little goes a long way! Store in a cool place, don’t leave in the sun. We use organic beeswax which makes our deodorant a little harder at temperatures below our body temperaturebut a little armpit warmth fixes that right away! 

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How do I apply it?

It's super easy! Just hold under your armpit for a few seconds to soften it, gently dab short swipes applying a thin layer. Start out with using a small amount, much less is needed than you might be used to with conventional products.

Does it really work?

Yep, it sure does. Or else we wouldn’t be in business anymore serving our wonderful, happy customers! And we do it naturally, without using the bad stuff. Our formula naturally neutralizes odor and helps absorb wetness without any aluminum or other toxic chemicals.  

I have a sensitivity to baking soda. What should I do? 

We understand that some people have a sensitivity to baking soda. We feel you! We have created a very special baking soda free, sensitive skin formula currently available in Tea Tree Delight and Lemongrass scents. It goes on smooth, it’s nice, gentle - and smells amazing!

How long will my deodorant last?

3-4 months per stick. And how long for daily coverage? 24 hours and more for our standard formula; 8 hours plus for our sensitive skin formula. Our product lasts waayyyy longer than commercial brand deodorants. That way, you’re getting waayyyy more product for less, and without the toxic chemicals!

Will my deodorant melt?   

Sure, it can - but only in very high heat or hot sun over 100 degree Fahrenheit; because we use natural ingredients, it can melt or soften, but that’s completely preventable.

Is this an antiperspirant?

Nope. Aluminum clogs your pores to stop sweat. That’s not healthy for you. And it’s not natural. Our deodorant contains no aluminum. It contains natural ingredients such as arrowroot powder that absorb wetness. So we still work on keeping you dry.

Will it stain my clothes?

There are some things to consider that might cause staining: 

-Over applying the deodorant
-Hastily caking on the deodorant without letting it absorb
-Not drying off your armpit area well enough after a shower and then applying it
-Wearing synthetic, polyester, or tight fitting clothing 

With our deodorant, a little goes a long way - no need to apply too much. Hold it against your pit and allow your body to warm it, then a couple light dabs is all it takes. After a shower and before applying, ensure your pit areas are dry. 

I want to switch over from commercial deodorant. 
Any suggestions?

First of all, good job! We’re happy to hear that. And we support you 100 percent. Have a look at our deodorants and choose what scent seems the best to you. If you’re more of a citrusy scent person, go for our Citrus Fresh. All of our essential oil ingredients are on our website. If there is a certain essential oil that you like, choose based on your preference. We do not use any synthetic fragrance oils. We use only 100 percent pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

How’s SoapMe with Nature’s original formula different than your sensitive skin formula? 

Our original formula uses baking soda and works incredibly well. Our sensitive skin formula does not contain baking soda, but does contain magnesium and healing clay which gently neutralizes odor and wetness - a perfect solution for our customers who require a more gentle formulation and who have a sensitivity to baking soda.   

Is SoapMe with Nature’s deodorant aluminum free? 

Absolutely! That’s one of the reasons we exist! We want you to have a natural, healthy, and effective deodorant that you can fall in love with. We are a family owned and operated company, American-made, and proud of what we make for you.

Is the texture different?

Yes, compared to commercial brand deodorants. But ours is natural, it goes on great, and won’t leave you sticky or gooey. Just remember, don’t over apply it, either. Anything over applied might be problematic. 

What is the shelf life of the deodorants?
Our deodorants have a shelf life of about 15 months unopened and roughly 12 months after it’s been opened.

What’s an ‘armpit detox’?

Scouring the internet, you’ll run into all sorts of takes on things, including transitioning from toxin-filled commercial deodorant to natural brands. Well, there may be some truth there. The idea is, aluminum and other unnatural chemicals clog your pores; going from that to a natural deodorant may require a transitional period. If you think this may help you, bentonite clay might be the way. In any case, our deodorant does not contain toxic chemicals, only natural and organic ingredients. 

What kind of company is SoapMe with Nature? 

We’re a Florida-based family owned and family operated company on a mission to provide you with the best and highest quality bath and body products in the world. We source quality ingredients that only we would want to use for ourselves, our family, and our friends. We also give back to our community. That’s important to us. A portion of our proceeds goes to bettering our world through community-based programs and charitable causes. 

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