Body Butter Bar - Refill


Need a refill or just want to get extra for later? 

All-natural, handmade moisturizing bar! 

Our Body Butter Bar is a great moisturizer for your body and even for your face! It won’t clog pores, it’s nutrient rich, absorbs easily, is naturally anti-aging, and great for massages, too! 

To use: Rub directly on the skin. The bar will melt with the body’s temperature. It can be rubbed on face, hands, legs or anywhere your skin needs moisturizing. Every ingredient is food for the skin. Free of chemicals, free of synthetic ingredients, and free of additives. 

What's included: 1 bar (2.3oz) 

Our ingredients: 

-raw unrefined shea butter. 

-unrefined, organic cocoa butter. 

-organic, unrefined coconut oil. 

-organic beeswax. 

 Note: HEAT SENSITIVE. Body Butter Bars are sensitive to heat — meaning, they will melt, so store it in a cool dry place, not in direct sunlight.

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