Natural Deodorant - Cedarwood & Ylang Ylang


Unmistakably manly, the cedarwood comes on strong as a lumberjack with a hint of ylang ylang in the undertones that will lure the female nose. A robust, crazily unique smell that is fast-becoming a favorite among our more strapping customers.    

3.2 oz. stick 

INGREDIENTS: Baking soda (non-aluminum), organic unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil, organic arrowroot powder, raw organic shea butter, raw beeswax, organic grapeseed oil, cedarwood and ylang ylang essential oils.

ALL-NATURAL. Made from organic, natural, and sustainably sourced ingredients. No aluminum, no parabens, no soy, no phthalates, non-GMO, non-toxic, mineral-oil free, no gluten. Absolutely no synthetic ingredients! 
HANDMADE IN THE USA. We're a Florida-based small business with a big mission. 
  • 100% CUSTOMER INTEREST AT HEART. A trusted family-owned and operated small business; we treat our customers like family.
  • LONGEST-LASTING PROTECTION. All day odor control.  
  • VERY LONG-LASTING. A 3.2 ounce stick lasts up to one month. 
  • PERFUME FREE. No synthetic perfumes, just beautiful essential oil combinations with uplifting and healing properties. 
  • A SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE COMPANY. A portion of our profits goes towards helping to keep kids off drugs. We believe in giving back to our communities nationwide; purchase with us and help our future generations thrive. 
SoapMe with Nature information on ingredients. 


Baking soda. Aluminum-free. Eliminates body odor naturally; one of safest and most versatile substances; PH balancing anti-fungal properties. 

Organic arrowroot powder. Derived from tropical South American plant; soft, moisture absorbent, great healing qualities; nourishing to skin. 

Organic coconut oil. Pure, unrefined, cold-pressed 100% organic extra virgin. Natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungus, anti-yeast properties; known for healing many skin discomforts. 

Raw beeswax. Sustainably sourced from our local bee keeper. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities; non-allergenic, useful skin nurturer. 

Raw organic shea butter. 100% pure, unrefined, Grade A, sustainably-sourced African shea butter. Superfood for the skin, in use since ancient times; contains plant antioxidants (naturally high in Vitamins A, E and F). 

Organic grapeseed oil. Moisturizing, anti-aging properties; rich in antioxidants.  

Essential oils. 100% pure therapeutic grade, ethically sourced, highest quality and natural essential oils. Used for thousands of years; uplifting blends of aromatic natural oils, contain powerful healing properties. 

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