Tea Tree Essential Oil Roll-on

$12.99 $6.49

Our 100 percent pure therapeutic grade tea tree essential oil is infused into wildcrafted coconut oil and ready to roll! Apply direct to skin for healing properties. Tea tree oil reduces cold sores insect bites and sunburn, fights acne, alleviates congestion, reduces fungal infections, fights head lice. Use on temples, tummy, behind ears, wrists, bottom of feet.   

We use only the world’s finest premium quality pure essential oils. Our premium quality oils are then infused into wildcrafted coconut oil for safe topical application. Avoid application of undiluted essential oils.    

Disclaimer: If pregnant or breastfeeding consult a doctor. Keep away from infants and pets. For external use only.

We are a Florida-based family owned and operated small business with a big mission. We treat our customers like family and work hard to provide you with the highest quality products and a pleasurable and healthy experience.

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